Will hitachi batteries fit metabo? (2023)

Will hitachi batteries fit metabo?

Batteries like the Hitachi MultiVolt will work in Metabo HPT MultiVolt tools. Hitachi 18V batteries will work in Metabo HPT 18V tools and vice versa.

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What batteries work with Metabo?

Metabo HPT's compact 18-Volt 3. 0Ah lithium ion battery delivers all the power and run time of a conventional 3.0Ah lithium ion battery, but in a smaller footprint with less weight.

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Is Metabo and Hitachi the same?

In October 2018, Metabo HPT became the new brand name for Koki Holdings America – formerly part of the Hitachi group. Same tools, only with a new name in North America. For over 70 Years, we have been an innovator in the Power Tool Industry with favorites like the slide miter saw and the cordless impact driver.

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Are Metabo batteries compatible with brands?

100% leading battery pack technology!

With more than 30 years of battery pack expertise, Metabo is pioneer in the battery pack technology and in the topic of "cordless construction site". Since 2009 battery packs of any generation are 100% compatible with each other - with all machines and chargers of their volt clas.

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Are Hitachi batteries interchangeable?

Hitachi and HiKOKI branded power tools, accessories, batteries, chargers, and spare parts remain fully interchangeable, and the tried & true models you know and love remain exactly the same.

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Are Metabo 18V battery compatibility?

While Metabo don't anticipate people switching up to these new batteries to use with their existing Metabo cordless tools such as drill drivers, you will be able to. That's because the new batteries are 100% backwards compatible with all of Metabo's 18V cordless range.

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Are Metabo and Metabo HPT batteries compatible?

Metabo HPT and Metabo cordless power tools are NOT compatible with each other – they both have completely different battery systems.

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Are Metabo batteries interchangeable?


The key advantage for you: limitless compatibility! Since 2009, battery packs in each generation also fit all Metabo cordless machines in their volt class, and every Metabo charger charges all battery packs in the same size. And that's the way it's going to stay.

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Do HiKOKI batteries fit Hitachi?

Hikoki multi volt batteries work across all of the HiKoki (& Hitachi) 18v range but it will also work in the brand's new 36v cordless tool range. Versatility at its finest! HiKOKI is the new brand name for Hitachi.

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Why did Hitachi change to Metabo?

The reason for the name change is that they are no longer part of the large corporation known as Hitachi, which sells everything from consumer products to automotive equipment. Hitachi acquired Metabo a few years ago, and last year both brands were sold by Hitachi to KKR, a private equity firm.

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Do Mafell batteries fit Metabo?

Discover the cordless freedom! Profit from 100% compatibility of machines, battery packs and chargers in one cross-manufacturer system! With CAS, the world's most powerful battery pack system of the industry from Metabo and more than 30 years of battery pack competence are now also available for Mafell machines.

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Do Makita batteries fit Metabo?

This battery adapter allow you to use Makita 18V batteries on Metabo HPT 18V and Hikoki 18V tools. Warning: This adapter is compatible with 18V tools only - not 36V tools.

Will hitachi batteries fit metabo? (2023)
Who makes Metabotools?

Metabo HPT is a brand within Koki Holdings America Ltd, which is the North American subsidiary of Koki Holdings Co, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Koki Holdings Co. Ltd manufactures more than 1000 models of power tools, focusing on compact/high out-put motor technology.

Will DeWalt batteries fit Metabo?

Yes, you read that right: The batteries will work in all Metabo HPT (and, therefore, your existing Hitachi Power Tools) 18V tools. A single battery costs $100. The DeWalt's FlexVolt miter saw offers users the ability to run a cord or battery. Before now, it was the only tool out there that had this capacity.

How do I know when my Hitachi battery is charged?

Plug in charger, it should be blinking quickly red, slide the battery in and the light should go solid red (charging). If the light is not solid red it is not charging. When it is fully charged it will slowly blink red again.

What is LiHD battery?

LiHD stands for Lithium-ion High Density which refers to the way Metabo have crammed even more power into an 18V Lithium-ion battery. There is a whole new LiHD 18V range coming, which includes a 3.1Ah, 5.5Ah and even 6.2Ah. This new technology is designed for “high demand” applications which require a lot of power.

Who bought Hitachi power tools?

TOKYO (Reuters) - U.S. private equity firm KKR & Co LP KKR. N said on Friday it has agreed to buy Hitachi Ltd's 6501. T power tools unit, Hitachi Koki Co Ltd 6581.

Who owns Koki holdings?

Koki Holdings was bought out by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts for $1.3B on Jan 13, 2017 .

Is Metabo still made in Germany?

Every Metabo tool encompasses true German engineering and ingenuity. We have been developing innovative ideas in our plant located in Nürtingen, Germany since 1924, then turning them into pioneering tools and accessories for professional users across the globe.

Is Hikoki a Metabo?

We learned earlier that Hitachi would soon change their name to Hikoki in many countries outside of the USA but we didn't know if the new name would affect Hitachi in the USA. Now we've learned that Hitachi in the USA will not change their name to Hikoki but instead will change their name to Metabo HPT.

Is HiKOKI and Hitachi the same?

a well-known manufacturer of power tools and life-science equipment, will change its corporate name to Koki Holdings Co. Ltd. and will re-brand its full line of power tools known as HITACHI and/or Hitachi Koki under the new name HiKOKI (pronounced “hai-koh-key”).

Why did Hitachi change to HiKOKI?

Hitachi Koki announces brand name change to “HiKOKI” The re‐branding reflects the Company's commitment to further expansion as a global brand.

Why has Hitachi changed to HiKOKI?

Why did Hitachi change their name? Well, the name change was in line with the company's ambitious international growth strategy, aimed at ensuring sustainable growth while expanding business in the nearly 100 countries in Hitachi Koki's global network.

Is Metabo a Chinese company?

Metabowerke GmbH with its headquarters in Nürtingen, Germany; Metabo is a manufacturer of power tools for professional users. The company was founded in the 1920s and got its name from a hand drill, the so-called "Metallbohrdreher". Today, Metabo offers a wide range of power tools.

What does HPT stand for in Metabo?

Earlier this year we covered new tools from Hitachi and included a mention that the Hitachi Power Tools name would be changing. Well now it's official. There will be no more Hitachi branded power tools, nailers, or fasteners made. Instead, the products henceforth will be branded Metabo HPT in the USA and Canada.

Is Metabo and Bosch the same?

They have also pioneered a lot of modern technologies. But if you are in a budget, then Metabo is the right choice. Even though the price difference for Bosch and Metabo are slim, Metabo has the upper hand. They achieve such a feat by offering interchangeable parts between tools.

Is Mafell a Metabo?

Yes, Metabo makes all the batteries and chargers for Mafell since they produce the world's most powerful and longest-lasting 18V technology.

Is Makita same as Metabo?

Most would agree that Makita tools are ideal for heavy-duty use. With that being said, Metabo HPT does produce the higher quality tools, but at the end of the day, both are high-end producers of some fantastic tools, with Metabo HPT being the more expensive of the two.

Are DeWalt and Makita batteries interchangeable?

A DeWalt 18V battery will be different than a Makita 18V battery, as each company produces their own unique system. This means that each company's 18V batteries will not work with other brands and vice versa. Are Makita batteries interchangeable with Milwaukee?

What is Metabo vs Makita?

Even though Metabo HPT's footprint is far from oversize, Makita still has a clear advantage. In fact, it has the shortest front-to-back length in the entire 18V class. Milwaukee's M18 Fuel 2857 is close, just 1mm longer.

Which Metabo tools are made in China?

Metabo products made in China
  • Metabo NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic 21 Degree 3-1/2" Full Round Head Framing Nailer.
  • Metabo ASE 18 LTX Cordless Reciprocating Saw (bare tool)
  • Metabo 18 volt 5.2 Ah Lithium Ion battery.
  • Metabo H16-500 2-Stage Variable Temperature Heat Gun.
  • Metabo SBE 650 Hammer Drill.

Which Metabo tools are made in Germany?

Metabo products made in Germany
  • Metabo STA 18 LTX 140 Cordless Jig-Saw.
  • Metabo STEB 140 Variable Speed Jig Saw w/Orbit.
  • Metabo SB18 LTX BL Cordless Impuls Hammer Drill 5.2Ah.
  • Metabo GE 710 Plus 1/4- Inch Die Grinder.
  • Metabo Wef9-125, 5 Inch Flat Head Angle Grinder.
  • Metabo We15-125q, 5 Inch Angle Grinder.

Are Metabo drills good?

The Bottom Line. Without a doubt, the Metabo HPT compact cordless drill is the best compact drill available. It has the performance to give Pros plenty of versatility at a price that's well within the range of DIYers. While it might not be the most compact or the fastest in the class, it's certainly the most capable.

What is the biggest 20V Dewalt battery?

The FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX* 15.0 Ah battery provides the highest capacity of any battery on the DEWALT cordless system. It changes voltage when going from 20V MAX* to 60V MAX* tools and is compatible with a variety of 20V MAX* tools and chargers.

Is FlexVolt better than XR?

DeWalt XR FlexVolt Advantage Tools

These are the most powerful DeWalt 20V MAX tools. The full power advantage is only possible when using a FlexVolt battery. If you're using 20V MAX batteries, you will have more power than conventional XR tools, but not as much as when using the FlexVolt battery.

How long does it take to charge a Metabo battery?

Features of the Lithium Ion Battery & Charger Kit
Part Number - ChargerUC18YSL3
Charging time BS1815X15 min
Charging time BSL1830C30 min
Charging time BSL186038 min
USB PortYes
13 more rows

How do you tell when a Metabo battery is fully charged?

Normal chargers only blink when they are charging. Not Metabo. They blink when they are fully charged or if no battery is connected. Many chargers turn green when fully charged.

How do you revive a battery that won't charge?

First, you need to light a fire and let it burn down to hot ashes. Then remove the filler/vent caps from the top of the battery, take the battery off the car, and place it on the hot ash. Be careful and make you it doesn't catch fire. The hot ashes should warm the battery up.

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